Tooth Removal & Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Toronto

Tooth Extractions are not the primary treatment solutions we go for at Chaplin Dental. We understand the unmatched value and importance of natural teeth, so our goal is to preserve your teeth and keep them in a healthy beautiful state.

However, in some cases our experience dentists have no options but to resort to tooth extractions. If your tooth is decayed beyond repair, if your tooth is cause damage to the surrounding teeth, like impacted wisdom teeth, then it’s best to get rid of this to save the rest of our mouth.

Tooth extractions may have some negative consequences on the long run. If the space of the missing tooth is left empty, shifting of the teeth may happen, causing bad bites and joint pains. Bone Tissue loss is also common after tooth extraction. This is why our caring, professional dentists will provide you with alternative and follow up treatments to make sure that you’re maintaining optimal oral health and not causing further dental problems by fixing another.


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Tooth Extractions

If your wisdom tooth is impacted or likely to become impacted, it is best to remove it to avoid future damage to the rest of your teeth and mouth. The procedure of extracting a wisdom tooth depends on its location and position. Some extractions might be harder, or trickier to perform than others. However, regardless of the difficulty level of the procedure, at Chaplin Dental we always make sure that you are comfortable, relaxed and experiencing no to minimal pain during the procedure.

Our caring and experienced dentists will make sure to provide you with the appropriate post-op instructions to ensure your safety, comfort and the success of the procedure. Our entire dental team is always available to explain and answer all your questions to guarantee you experience a positive overall dental experience. Book your appointment at Chaplin Dental today!


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